Attention designers, developers & general lovers of beautiful buttons…

Benchwarmer is a new Chrome extension that pulls the latest work from Dribbble‘s show and tell design community and displays it every time you open up a new tab. Fans of Dribbble love the site for its high-quality, invite only user-base of designers, and that’s what this simple extension delivers.

More often than not, Dribbble features the sort of designer that zeros in on every single pixel with utmost perfection. If that’s what you’re into, you know what to do.

Upon install, Benchwarmer immediately defaults to the latest top-rated shots, but what’s displayed can be customized via the gear symbol at the bottom of the page. From there, you can enter your own Dribbble username to display the users you follow, or you can select other categories like ‘everyone’, ‘popular’ or ‘debuts.’ No matter what, you’re bound to be at least modestly impressed with what’s displayed by default, if not entirely blown away.

The Benchwarmer extension was created by Michael Sacca of Tiny Factory with help from Scott CorganAreus WadeEsteban Felix and Alexander Rolek using @daryl‘s flipper plugin. Check it out:

➤ Benchwarmer

For more, be sure to take a peek at TNW’s Design & Dev channel.

Featured Image by JoshuaDavisPhotography