This may be the first type foundry dedicated solely to animated typography

This may be the first type foundry dedicated solely to animated typography

Not long ago we covered the emergence of animated typography, which has its roots firmly planted in movie titles and other forms of kinetic type. Now Calango, the creators of Typogami and Bianary 2.0, have formed Animography, “a webshop/typefoundry that provides motion designers, video-editors and others in the field of the moving image with animated typefaces.”

It’s an incredible initiative, combining the kinetic type art form with complete downloadable files as you’d find from in a traditional typeface. We wrote back in April that “as if designers weren’t challenged enough by the balance of art and strict letterforms, animated typography is growing in popularity (outside of traditionally animated movie titles) and some of the results are down right incredible.”

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Needless to say, we’re impressed by Animography and are eager to see all the typefaces that are created over time. Here’s a preview of what’s available now:

Here’s a closer look at two of the six available typefaces:

To see the entire selection, visit the link below:

➤ Animography

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