Ten Dollar Fonts brings incredible experimental typefaces to the masses

Ten Dollar Fonts brings incredible experimental typefaces to the masses

The art of type design is for a special breed of designer. The insane attention to detail required to create typefaces is enough to drive the average person crazy, but somehow a special few are able to master the subtle curves and rules that go into type.

Fine typefaces can take years to design, and that’s exactly why pros like House Industries charge a hefty price for every font. These higher prices are often well deserved, but can be unapproachable for many designers. This is why the wild, impressive faces coming out of Ten Dollar Fonts are worth a look.

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This one’s different, trust us. Our new event for New York is focused on quality, not quantity.

As you might have guessed, each font costs $10 or less. Here’s 5 of our favorites below:

“Alumia typeface was designed for the eponymous design company, Alumia. It’s great for using in logo design since the type is clean and its form is simple but strong.”


“RATHE Deluxe comes with a standard and alternative alphabet. Beautiful simple forms create a very flexible typeface for your next project. It feels very fresh. It’s simple yet adds a sound whole feeling to any design work.”


“Baby Cakes is a display font that plays between thick and thin. With three weights and a full set of glyphs, this font has versatile appeal. It’s elegant while remaining approachable. It’s nostalgic with a modern style. Baby Cakes is about having fun and looking good doing it.”


“Espasmo is a new typeface, that was designed to be a good tool for any designer. Is an experimental font and it fits well on any kind of design.”


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We’ve rounded up impressive typefaces before, so you might want to check out January’s 9 Free Display Typefaces or these 11 Sexy Script Fonts. If you think we missed something, definitely let us know in the comments below!

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