Twitter loves open source. In fact, its engineers are known to be heavy consumers and producers of open source technology, and the team has already managed to release a lot of its own work into the community, including Bootstrap, a toolkit for kickstarting CSS for websites and apps.

Last week, Twitter announced it plans to release software from its aqui-hire of WhisperSystems (Android mobile security developers), and this week the company continues sharing work right and left with today’s release of Cassie: A Scala client for Cassandra.

Cassie is a Finagle and Scala-based client originally based on Coda Hale‘s library. It was created as part of a group effort, including the original content from Coda Hale, Stu HoodKyle MaxwellAlan LiangJohan Oskarsson and others.

According to Twitter engineer Ryan King, the release is stable but limited:

While it is certainly stable— we use it in production to talk to a dozen clusters and over a thousand Cassandra machines— it is currently limited to the features we use in production and has a few rough edges.

Try it out via the link below, feel free to join the mailing list and give the team feedback!

➤  Cassie, via GitHub