The Jetpack plugin for WordPress has been upgraded to version 1.2, bringing Google+ and LinkedIn support to its sharing UI and improved upgrade stability.

Jetpack is a plugin that enables users of self-hosted WordPress sites to leverage the cloud for content, stats, URL shortners and more.

The 1.2 update includes:

  • Google+ and LinkedIn sharing in toolbar and email subscriptions
  • Improved UI for showing new and updated Jetpack features
  • Better support for other languages
  • Smarter and safer Jetpack upgrades
  • New Shortcodes for VideoPress & Google Maps
  • Image Widget
  • RSS Links Widget

Jetpack is a host of plugins that you can access through your WordPress dashboard that allow you to use all of the coolest features of, even though you’re hosting your blog on your own server. It’s a pretty slick utility that any independent blogger using WordPress should check out.

You can download the latest version of Jetpack here for free, or if you’re already a user, visit Dashboard>Updates to get up to date.

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