Mojo Themes gains traction as it crosses the 10,000 user mark

Mojo Themes gains traction as it crosses the 10,000 user mark

Mojo Themes reports that it has passed the 10,000 user mark, and is about to enter the vicinity of the top 5,000 sites on Alexa.

Mojo Themes is a marketplace platform for the sale of premium themes and templates, the most popular of which are WordPress themes. These marketplaces don’t create the products themselves, they simply facilitate the marketing and sales for authors and take a revenue share.

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Envato’s ThemeForest is the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and although many have tried to go up against them, Mojo is the first that has stayed afloat and actually gained some traction in the third-party theme sales market. J.R. Farr of Mojo reports that the site’s user base has doubled since the revered Brian Hoff redesigned it only a few months ago.

Before that redesign, little birds told me that authors could have their product on the frontpage for months and still not make a sale. The redesign seems to be at least one major factor in renewed growth and presumably better sales.

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