Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is TNW Conference?

    TNW Conference is a technology festival that brings together international technology executives, top-tier investors and promising startups for two days of business and knowledge sharing – surrounded by some of the highest production values at any tech event on the planet. Over the past 14 editions TNW Conference has grown from a 200-person event to one of the leading technology events, bringing together 17,500 attendees a day and 3,500 companies from all over the world.

  2. Who can attend the event?

    Anyone 18 or older with a valid ticket is welcome. Full conference passes aren't transferable between and during conference days.

  3. What are the dates for TNW Conference 2019?

    The dates for TNW2019 are May 9 & 10.

  4. Where does TNW Conference 2019 take place?

    TNW2019 will take place at NDSM, situated on the waterfront in Amsterdam Noord. Previously a shipyard with a century’s worth of history, NDSM is now a creative hub for artists and entrepreneurs – the perfect vibe to match our “unconference” setup!

    From Amsterdam Central Station, you can take a quick, scenic (and free) ferry ride across the water. For more info on how to get there click here.

  5. How to get to TNW2019?

    Getting to NDSM is really simple. From Amsterdam Central Station, follow the signs to the ferry terminal. Hop aboard the 906 ferry, direction “NDSM.” After a rather scenic ride across the water, exit the ferry and turn right. You’ll see signs leading you to the TNW2019 entrance.

    There will be ferries running every 10min from Amsterdam Central Station. The ferry stop at Amsterdam Central Station is called Veer Central Station and the ferry stop at NDSM - Veer NDSM Werf. The number of the ferry is 906.

    Alternatively, you can take the Pontsteiger ferry from Amsterdam West to NDSM. The ferry number is 903.

    For the most accurate ferry runtimes please check GVB website.

    You can also take the Noord-Zuid line with the metro, direction “Noord", get off at the stop “Noorderpark” and take the 35 bus, direction “Molenwijk.” Get off at the stop “Ataturk” and walk ten minutes south towards the ferry terminal. Signs will direct you towards the front of the TNW2019 terrain.

    Coming by car? You can park at P1 Parking Amsterdam Center.

    The exact address of TNW2019 is NDSM-Plein, Amsterdam.

  6. Where can I collect my badge and wristband?

    Skip the queues by collecting your badge and wristband in advance. You can collect your Priority, 1-day, or Full Conference badge and wristband at a range of locations across the city. Find the exact locations here.

  7. What are the opening & closing times of TNW2019?

    Registration opens at 8:00 on both conference days. TNW Partners can enter as of 7:00 on both conference days.

    The official opening on Day 1 starts at 9:45 and the main program ends at 17:15. Chivas Venture Final will take place on main stage on Day 1 from 17:30 - 19:00. The conference terrain is open until 22:00.

    Day 2 starts at 8:00 and closes at 18:00.

  8. Food & Drinks at TNW2019

    And this year, food & drinks at TNW2019 will be curated by the Food line-up. Expect delicious burgers, home-made wraps, tasty salads, healthy smoothies and more finger licking food across 10+ rolling kitchens.

  9. How can payments at TNW2019 be made?

    Payment at the conference will be cashless or pin-only. You'll be able to get a receipt for your purchases.

  10. Will there be lockers available at the conference?

    Small lockers and large luggage storage will be available free of charge close to the main entrance.

  11. Where can I find the schedule for TNW2019?

    The schedule for TNW2019 can be found here.

  12. Are there any side-events during the week of the conference?

    During the week of the conference May 6 - May 12, TNW and Partners are hosting different side-events across Amsterdam. You can find the list of events and sign up here.

  13. How can I sign up for roundtable sessions and workshops?

    You can sign up with your TNW Account for roundtable sessions and workshops here.

  14. Where can I find and download the networking app?

    If you haven't already, make sure to download our build in-house TNW Events app for iOS and Android using the buttons below, and log in using your TNW Account.

    Download for iOS Download for Android

  15. Lost & Found at TNW2019

    If you find a lost item at TNW2019, please bring it to the info point. If you lost something please contact us at or go to the info point.

    After the conference, all items will be brought to TNW's office at TQ South and will be listed here.

  16. Do you provide Daycare during the conference?

    Being a working parent is hard. That’s why we’re taking steps to try and make things a little easier.

    Just like previous years, we’re providing a free onsite creche on both days of the conference. If your kids are 3 months to 3 years in age, our team of nannies are there to look after them.

    Sign up here.

    We're going to have a space at our first aid post for breastfeeding mums too.

  17. Do you offer any hotel discounts?

    Yes, we offer rooms at a discounted rate in several hotels across Amsterdam. For more information click here.

  18. How can I become a sponsor and/or exhibit at TNW Conference 2019?

    We’re glad you asked. Take a look at the partners page or simply reach out to the partnerships team at

  19. How can I apply for TNW Startup Program?

    You can submit your application for TNW Startup Program here.

  20. I’m interested in volunteering at TNW Conference 2019, how can I apply?

    In order to apply as a volunteer at TNW Conference 2019, you must be 18 years old or older at the time of the event, interested in tech and innovation – and determined to contribute to the overall success of the event. If the answer is yes to all, then click here to apply.

  21. How can I apply as an investor?

    We're glad you asked! For more information on our investor program click here or get in touch with us at

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