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Technology is changing how we teach and learn. Big shift, big challenge and a big opportunity.

The business of education

Education is hot these days. Technology and the web are the driving force behind a big shift in paradigm when it comes to how we teach and learn. The Edu track is co-hosted by Sanoma and all about the business of education.

With talks, panel sessions and the finalists of the Sanoma Education Challenge presenting, this is the go to place for teachers, professors, businesses in the education field, researchers and aspiring new edu-focussed companies.


Sanoma Learning is one of Europe’s leading providers of learning solutions for the K12 education sector. We offer learning solutions, either in print, hybrid or digital formats, to take personalized learning to a higher level and improve learning outcomes while increasing efficiency. We reach more than 40 countries globally and in Europe where we have strong local roots in Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. Watch the Sanoma story here.

Artwork: Charlotte Steunebrink — Expo Transition 2014

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