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Founded: Jun 2013

sandy, Australia



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My goal with Zcapture is to provide a low-cost, high-quality product that can be modified, hacked or customized to fit individual needs. We believe this product should be shared with the world in a manner that is disruptive to this emerging industry of 360 driven content creation, shows a better way of doing things, and provides information in a user centric medium.

I have been deeply involved in web development for 15 years and a great majority of that time has been focused on eCommerce development and design. In that time I have always found that the lack of meaningful product information is a killer when presenting a product in a meaningful way to have them purchase. Couple this experience with being a hard core maker that has been publishing articles for the last decade and there was bound to be a merging of ideas.

The humble beginnings of Zcapture came from my own personal interest in experimentation about 8 years ago with Basic Stamp programming. Roughly 4 years ago I discovered the Arduino NG and fell in love with the Arduino platform from the point of view that anyone could learn it and use it. Immediately I set to work to build and refine the Zcapture system based on this robust platform.