Chinese video site

Founded: Dec 2006

Shanghai, China


Youku is a Chinese video site.

Youku (NYSE: YOKU), China’s first video site, officially launched on December 21, 2006. Youku “fast is king” is a product concept, by virtue of the “fast play, quick release, a quick search of the product characteristics, fully meet user interaction needs of the growing and diverse video experience, has now become the most influential in the field of Chinese Internet force, the most favorite video media.

Youku adhere to follow the high-end, atmospheric brand line oriented “integration plan” together many partners to expand the resource integration and content development, to fully draw on the operational experience of cross-platform media, take advantage of the unique properties of video media to create a “network station interactive” propagation mode, in response to industry and Internet users demands constantly to promote the mainstreaming process of the network video industry. Youku is the only one to get the radio and television dual card business website to become a genuine film and television program distribution, the legitimate dissemination and marketing platform.