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Founded: Oct 2010

Berlin, Germany


Xyo (www.xyo.net) is a company that re-imagines how people discover apps.

As our internet usage shifts towards mobile, app stores are becoming the focal point of content discovery. Yet, today most users only find apps from the top shelf – in app stores 10% of apps get 90% of downloads. App stores in their current state do not enable users to find the apps they want and are not aware of users’ situational and social context. Their future has to be re-invented in order for us to take full advantage of our phones, tablets, TVs and other appliances.

Since August 2012, Xyo has continued to release groundbreaking technologies that aim to fulfill this promise. The company is backed by various investors at the forefront of the emerging app economy, including Rick Thompson’s Signia Venture Partners and Flaregames CEO Klaas Kersting. You can find our latest press coverage here.