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Wiredcraft is a consulting shop focusing on technology and data.

Shanghai, China

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We work with a wide range of clients, from CNN to the United Nations, solving complex problems with smart and effective strategies involving technology. We're problem solvers before anything else and pride ourselves in crafting smart and efficient solutions to complex problems.

Why work with us?

  • Our list of clients speaks for itself: Apple, CNN, the United Nations, the World Bank, Nvidia, Axel Springer, Popcap Games... We can provide references for any of our past clients. Include references
  • Our technical chops: we are constantly updating our skills, investigating a very wide range of technologies and encouraging our colleagues to become full stack engineers. We more recently have focused on Javascript (node.js, angular.js, backbone.js...), Python, configuration management (Chef, Ansible), GIS, full text search engines, HTML5... At any given time, we experiment with many other things (Go, Erlang...) but are invariably using, and contributing to, Open Source. Many of us are deeply involved in several OSS projects.
  • Our approach & methodology: we have a track record of consistently "shipping". From small to large projects, we use a combination of various methodologies, with a strong dose of "agile".