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Founded: Apr 2011

Wayra was created based on that conviction. As an unprecedented initiative in the Latin American and Europe innovation scene. Wayra is trying to achieve a significant impact on the economy of the countries where it operates. That is why we have established ourselves in the region’s main centres. But the establishment itself is not enough. We know that making interaction possible between all of them is key to stimulate productivity. That is why those centres will be connected, creating a network which multiplies the sum of that talent and which will become a factor for progress.

And, in turn, that requires a certain style of management. An attitude-based management, i.e. the certainty that rules are not written and players decide where to play.

We will provide all our technological resources so that the region’s potential can compete with the best on equal terms, in order to facilitate new emerging startups across Europe and Latin America.

And so with this idea, Wayra has quickly become one of the main accelerators of the global ICT sector.