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Android App Store and Search

Founded: Jan 2009

Beijing, China

Android  Mobile 

Wandoujia is China’s leading Android app store with over 200 million users. It was one of the first startups incubated by Innovation Works

Wandoujia launched its first product in 2010: a PC suite for mobile management (like iTunes for Android) and has since grown to become an app store and search. It delivers over 30 million app downloads per day.

On the international front, Wandoujia has partnered with developers like Flipboard, EverNote, and Pocket to launch their apps in China. Wandoujia has a developer center here. And Wandoujia’s international version, SnapPea, was launched in June 2012.

Wandoujia also publishes The China App Index, a monthly report on mobile trends.

The team is based in Beijing, with 180 employees and three cats.