Redefining Creative Arts. Discover, Display & Monetize Visual and Written Content.

Founded: Jan 2013

London, United Kingdom

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VIZN is a Creative Arts Platform, enabling the public to explore various art forms and content creators to earn income from displaying their work through our associated applications.

We provide:

  • A comprehensive, community driven platform for Photographers, Artists, Designers and Writers to display, discover and discuss their creative work.
  • Dedicated “Channels” for specific subjects, such as, and
  • Consumer focused, subscription-based access to the full screen visual and full length written content from our site, with royalties from this paid to our community of contributors – Photoviewer & Storycaster.
  • An adaptable API driven approach with multiple possibilities; a Personal or Private Business Channel for your Images, family archive, archive for children’s artwork as they grow up or a business tool perhaps.
  • The ability to sell or license your own content or services – you set your own prices and terms, dramatically reducing the current cost of the traditional agency model.