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New Delhi, India

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Unlockar is a start-up working on amalgamating marketing and technology domains, and is coming up with its first app featuring a concept named as the uScreen. uScreen is an all new media rich and intelligent lock screen which displays relevant content including trends, quotes, news, scores, weather updates, health and fashion tips, among others on the lock screen of its user’s phones.

There is more, every time a user unlocks his phone by swiping on the uScreen, unlockar rewards its users with either real money or uCoins (unlockar credits) which the user can later cash in at the rewards shop available on the website.  This rewards shop lets the users avail location based deals and discounts, buy products, bid real time at ongoing auctions or donate to their preferred charity, all this using the money and credits  earned by them just for unlocking their phones.

Unlockar has been seed funded by GM Venture Partners, an Investment Firm based in Gurgaon.