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Founded: Nov 2011

Austin, United States

tweetTV is a real-time social TV Guide, TV discovery tool, and Twitter-based social media platform that helps its users discover what to watch on TV and facilitates real tweet-based conversations around TV programs as they air. Our real-time localized TV guide shows users what programs are popular on their TV at any time. We then provide an immersive interactive experience for the user to monitor tweets, engage in discussions and multi-user video chat with everyone else who’s tweeting about TV.

First, we want to enhance your live-TV watching experience by helping you find what to watch. How many times have you turned on the TV, spent way too long scrolling through the guide wondering,”What the heck are people watching right now?” And, any time you want to change the channel you have to load the tedious guide on your TV again and repeat the process.

Our live trend-based TV guide solves those problems. By monitoring Twitter for keywords related to all live TV programming in the USA, and matching that information with your TV provider’s programming lineup, we are able to create a dynamic, real-time social ranking of the programs showing on your TV and display them as a real time social TV guide. Because so many people tweet about what they’re watching on TV, this guide is an incredibly accurate portrayal of what people are watching at any given moment. And, you can use the guide to find what to watch, and what channel number to find it on, without having to hit the guide button on your TV remote.

We also provide a totally unique search system that allows you to find and filter currently airing TV shows based on network, genre, type, etc AND see their social ranking at the same time.

Second, we want create tweet-based social conversations about live TV programs. We want to add social value in the form of a second screen experience that enables you to see what strangers, friends, experts, networks, cast members, etc., are saying about the TV shows you care about. When you click on any program on our guide, you’ll enter a “tweet room” where we have continuously curate and sort tweets just for that program. You can engage and interact with others watching the same program by replying to their tweets, creating private tweet conversations with friends, and even using our live video chat feature to see people as you tweet and read tweets about whatever you’re watching. Meanwhile, our social TV guide is constantly moving in the background, ready for you to jump in to the next conversation and keeping you up to date on where the action is on your TV.