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Founded: Feb 2000

Newton, United States



TripAdvisor is a free travel guide and research website that offers reviews and information TripAdvisor operates sister sites in other countries (the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Japan and India).

Apart from the obligatory reviews of hotels and other attractions, TripAdvisor has some nifty features. Users can quickly and easily post their vacation videos and travel marketers can showcase their properties by featuring their videos on TripAdvisor for free. They also offer a personalization tools allowing users to save hotel, restaurant, or attraction reviews to personal “My Trips” folders. Travelers can customize and expand their plans by adding maps, photos, their own notes and travel plan details. Also with TripAdvisor’s “Check Rates”, users can check hotel pricing and availability across multiple vendor commerce sites.

TripAdvisor is part of the Expedia Network which in turn is part of IAC .

TripAdvisor was spun out of the Expedia Network in December 2011 in a public offering.