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Social app for expressing true intentions & taking the next step.

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Interested in a friend or a friend-of-a-friend?

TrintMe is an award winning social app to express your true intentions and *take the next step* safely, easily and quickly without rejection or spoiled relationships.

On TrintMe,

  • Privately express your true intentions (trints) for friends & FoF (There are number of trints to choose from - you’re cool, Coffee, let’s talk, let’s hang-out, romance, hook-up)

  • Your true intentions (trints) always remain secret until matched.

  • Send a personal or anonymous hint.

  • Quickly discover where your intentions match, without revealing areas where they don’t.

  • Never miss out on mutual feelings again! Take friendships further.

Please Note: TrintMe requires Facebook login. (We don’t post anything to your wall).


Winner: Big Idea Competition

Runners Up: B.E.T.A. Challenge award

Special Recognition - American Idol for startups

What the press is saying:

“The app we’ve been waiting for” - Her Campus

“Feeling’s mutual? TrintMe has an app for that” - Washington Times

What the Experts are saying

"TrintMe allows users to move their relationships with friends closer, without embarrassment. A great service with tremendous promise"

-  Mark Brooks - Dating Industry Expert

"TrintMe could prove valuable to people who genuinely struggle with relationship communication and rejection."

- Dr. Karen Ruskin - Psychotherapist. Human Behavior Guru. National Media Guest Expert- Relationships, Marriage.  'Ask Dr Karen' regular segment- FOX News Boston. Author.

"TrintMe could be a good way for women, especially, to test the waters with men without alienating them."

- Ms. Julie Spira - USA’s top Online Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker. and Author

Successful relationships are ones we maintain while we safely explore our true intentions and find self-fulfillment through them. TrintMe is a means to explore your network intentions without burning bridges and imposing upon others along the way.

-  Prof. Daniel McFarland(Sociology Professor at Stanford University)