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Trendingstream based at Chennai, India started by Andrew Richard is a site that provides trending videos from world's top most brands.The site has various categories such as Celebs, GIFS, Gaming, Music, Movies, Motors, NASA and Tech.

There are a lot of individuals on the internet who look for interesting videos. It is quite difficult for them to find them all in a single site. But at trendingstream, visitors are can find the right kind of videos they have been looking for.

There are various categories right from entertainment videos to celebs, NASA to tech, movies to music, gaming to GIFS and many more.Visitors can now get the latest video updates from all over the world featuring top most brands. Interested individuals can also update videos, celebrity news, news about gadgets or technology and so on.

The site accepts all kinds of interesting videos after they are approved to be posted on the website. A separate page on the site is dedicated for live video news from world's top news providers and videos that cover entertainment, technology and other aspects. The visitors can also contribute to blogs on the videos thus sharing their thoughts and opinions with the rest of the world.

And for those who want to submit something apart from videos such as celeb photos, news posts or GIFS or infographics from contributors, they can do so after the same is approved by the site. All that is posted by the visitors are verified before they are posted onto the site.