Simple sales pipeline management for small businesses that want to grow

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Tracks allows you to stay on top of sales deals that are falling behind. It is a light weight sales pipeline management tool for sales people and sales managers.

Tracks is easy to get started and easy to use. It integrates with some of your favourite business tools like Highrise and help you stay closer to your pipeline.

The unique drag 'n' drop interface shows you your sales pipeline by week, month, quarter or yearly. Sales stages are important, but knowing what deals to work on, when they are closing and what the next steps are is more important.

The software is designed to empower you. It allows you to get a feeling of what is going on in your sales pipeline and business, so that you can act accordingly. It doesn't rely on hours of admin time from a sales team.

Tracks works best for small businesses that provide services like architects, web designers, consultancies, etc. It's also great for businesses that need a sales pipeline component to Highrise CRM.

The company is run by people who are passionate about providing fast, open and honest support.