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FREE Facebook App. Add to your Fanpage and Turn Likes Into leads! Free Install.

FREE Facebook Fan page App

What is a "Facebook App", how can it help you take your Fan Page from average to extraordinary, and why most of them are 

useless on over 1/2 the Internet connections made today.

Is YOUR facebook app mobile friendly? Chances are, its NOT! Ours is the first to work on all handheld

and smart devices.

Does your Facebook App turn LIKES into real LEADS?

This one does! Also, can you host your own socially integrated live business presentation - interview series - industry 

training - product pitch - fundraiser - live concert - or whatever - right inside the viral stage of Facebook, where you 

can tap into unlimited fans and traffic for your business...

How do you use QR codes in your marketing? Our app makes it simple!

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Some other uses unique to our App.

It works within facebooks new developer policies.

Custom build multiple apps for your page with a few clicks.

Host Images, sliders, video's and even google hangouts tight on your page.

Simulcast to unlimited contacts, and enable them to simulcast YOU!

Display your Sales page right in facebook.

Track All activity on your page and 

Capture leads into the built in SRM or your choice of auto responder 

Turn your friends into fans and JV with other successuful Fan Pages.

Boost your social interaction. 

 Far too many functions to list here, and more being added.

Oh, and did i mention its free to use and free to share?

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