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Founded: Aug 2013

Moscow, Russia

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Individuals create tons of content and often get lost in all that data. Our camera rolls are often full of content and we are not able to find something we want. But, in reality, we need this fragmentary data to tell our stories. We are here to bring those pieces together, organized the proper way and make personal stories in movies.
So, we have created a video storytelling service we call Together Video Camera. It captures impressions and conveys personal stories through movies. Together provides an easy way to organize all recordings by dates, places, tags and video albums, making all of them easily accessible anytime and anywhere without the pain of scrolling down the camera roll. Also, the management features are Web-based and you can use them on a big screen, if you need. Finally, to tell your story, you can create a professional quality movie from your video album.

We started in 2012 and going to take off this summer.