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London, United Kingdom

The Currency Cloud delivers Cross Border Payments as a Service. Our platform leverages the Cloud to provide access to and optimise across a multitude of payment networks and exchange rate providers, provide comprehensive administration and control features and fully automate the entire payments lifecycle from pricing and beneficiary management, through execution & receipt to settlement and reporting.

We are a principally a B2B business. Consumers and corporates, particularly SMEs, benefit from our capabilities via our customers. We improve the payment services offered by financial institutions, brokers, IFAs, online and mobile payment providers, pre-paid card providers, digital currency exchanges, amongst many. By utilising The Currency Cloud as their core payments platform, these firms lower their own costs and deliver a more transparent and lower cost service to their own clients.

We also deliver our services to corporates through channel partners - embedding our capabilities (via our XBPConnect API) within corporate treasury services such as ERP, Accounting and E-invoicing, to significantly improve a businesses workflow and integration, reducing transaction costs and operational risk and overhead for businesses.