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Founded: Jul 2012

Sutton, United Kingdom

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Ever wanted something in a store but just couldn’t pull the trigger? You weren’t sure about the fit, color, price or even your own taste and just needed another set of eyes. You are not alone. That second (or third) opinion from a friend or family member can be crucial. You might try to get feedback with a web search or post a pic on Facebook. Or you can text someone, but then you’re relying on only one person and now you’re in the middle of an awkward, drawn-out texting conversation.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With Tagoodies on your iPhone, you can snap a photo or shoot a video to showcase what you want to buy, then name it, categorize it, select its location and add the price. Then post it to your Facebook or Twitter or just save it on your profile privately, so it’s only viewable by you!

Tagoodies is the fastest, easiest way of sharing your favorite finds at different stores. No matter what you share and who you share with, there’ll always be a question of where to snag it for the best deal!