Founded: Jan 2007

New York, United States

Taboola’s mission is to arrange the world’s collections of online videos and transform the video discovery experience into a simple and enjoyable one.

Taboola is the provider of the world’s first Personalized Video Discovery Platform for publishers, marketers and users. When you visit one of Taboola’s powered-by publishers, you will be able to enjoy a free and easy to use video recommendation solution to discover videos you like.

The company’s breakthrough technology seamlessly analyzes professional and user-generated video content, and anonymously studies the viewing patterns and behavior of viewers. Taboola is then able to predict the best subsequent videos for the viewer to watch on the publisher’s website.

Publishers can add Taboola’s video recommendation solution to their site very easily and simplify the way their viewers discover relevant videos. Taboola’s recommendation solution enhances user experience, increases time spent on site, boosts loyalty and drives profitability. Publishers will also benefit from Taboola Analytics, a free reporting console that provides analysis of their video traffic, users’ insights, viewing patterns and more.

As a business, Taboola generates revenue by providing marketers with a cost- effective and measurable opportunity to deliver contextual and behaviorally targeted sponsored messages alongside online video content. You will be introduced with ads that you may find relevant and interesting as part of the video recommendation list. We believe you should be able to distinguish between the ads and the rest of the recommendations, and therefore we mark the recommended ads as sponsored and invite you to interact with them whenever you choose.