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SwiftKey is a rapidly growing, successful company that builds apps and technology that learn from their users to make text entry easier, faster and more productive.

In 2013, it was named one of the top 10 most innovative mobile companies in the world by Fast Company.

SwiftKey’s revenue comes from sales of apps on Google Play and Amazon Appstore, as well as licensing deals with OEM manufacturers.

SwiftKey have licensed their technology to a number of OEMs including confidential deals with Tier 1s as well as Vizio, Pantech and Intel.

The consumer offering, SwiftKey 4, a keyboard for Android devices, learns from its user to help predict and correct text input, making it faster and easier to enter text on your smartphone or tablet. It supports 60 languages and also features SwiftKey Flow, an innovative gesture input method.

SwiftKey was the biggest selling paid app on Google Play in 2012 and has been No 1 in 58 countries.

A bespoke product for clinicians using touchscreens, SwiftKey Healthcare, launched in 2012.

The company was founded in August 2008 by Jon Reynolds, CEO and Dr Ben Medlock, CTO, both Cambridge University graduates. The company currently has over 90 staff, with its headquarters in Southwark, London, UK and offices in San Francisco and Seoul.

SwiftKey is a trademark of TouchType Ltd, a limited company registered in England and Wales.