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Stats iOS ( is an AppStore Intelligence tool that mainly focuses on competitive intelligence. It stays up-to-date with the changes happened to every single application within the Store whether it is a price change, metadata update or screenshot amend. It is the only service that gives a full retrospective of a particular application including its positions in top ratings and its mentions on social networks.

Behind the scenes Stats iOS back-end processes up to 30Gb of data daily using only official sources in particular the Apple's Enterprise Partner Feed and Twitter data resellers to bring relevant and real time information. This data is processed and represented in various ways on the website and is exposed via a rich API. You can quickly check the biggest ups and downs in ratings, price changes, application reacquisition etc.

It is a unique analytical tool which provides the whole spectrum of the AppStore-related information via its website as well as through its API. This Big Data can be further turned into Smart Data by using your own tools. There is no doubt about the fact that you will have an edge over your competitors in a highly dynamic market.