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SpotCollege: A One of a kind platform for Students planning to go Abroad for Higher Education

The platform targets students from Asia, Middle East and China, planning to study in US, UK, Canada and Australia

At SpotCollege :

Students Can :

  • Get Free Counselling from our experts instead of paying a fortune to consultants

  • Directly message 800+ universities and get clarity on matters such as housing, documentation, VISA, scholarships and more

  • Find other students from their city also flying abroad. This helps in locating potential roomates, negotiating group discounts on airfare, forming study groups.

  • Use our SOP/LOR proofing services

  • Practice from our 15000+ GRE/GMAT/SAT questions. For FREE!

Universities Can:

  • Save thousands on commissions to overseas agents and promotions, by directly reaching  out to foreign students online. Use these funds towards scholarships and student welfare.

  • Find the perfect students matching your admissions criteria.

SpotCollege brings tremendous value to both students and universities.