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Mobile development house specializing in delivering top B2B & B2E solutions for iOS/Android/WinPhone mobile platforms.

Strong focus: Mobile Banking, Ecommerce, Business Processes Automation, Marketing/Branding.

Our values are deep-rooted throughout our company.

·  Quality – through industry-leading technical expertise, top engineers, strong processes, thorough testing and a 100% commitment to quality by every employee. 

·  Value – best value to clients through investing in world-class technology expertise in our  R&D Development Centre to deliver the highest quality services on time every time.

·  Flexible – cooperation models tailored for need of every customer for 100% satisfaction.

·  Reliable – we strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers with a service based on honesty, commitment, flexibility, quality.  We deliver what we promise.

Portfolio speaks for the Quality & years of industry experience.