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Founded: Sep 1997

San Francisco, United States


Slashdot Media is the global leader in professional technology communities. Its properties - Slashdot, SourceForge and Freecode - provide tools, software and forums where IT professionals collaborate, and discuss technology news and products with their peers.

IT pros come to Slashdot to discuss the latest technology trends and news of the day with their peers. They also come to see what their peers think about a given issue or topic. Marketers benefit from advertising where the conversations are taking place. Slashdot Media offers many different solutions that make advertisers part of this discussion. Ask a question, poll the audience or host a live chat to engage with an audience who is passionate about technology.

IT pros come to SourceForge as their trusted source for open source software. They download software on a regular basis, much of which they use in their own organizations. SourceForge is unique in that it gives marketers the opportunity to showcase their assets and products in an environment where enterprise IT professionals are searching for, evaluating and adopting software for their organizations.