A new way to create and consume content

Founded: Jan 2013

Amsterdam, Canada

Silk aims to help us find content quicker in a ready to use format and while enabling us to create richer content. They provide a few features that are linked to semantic technology.

the first feature is related to search. Silk manages to gather content from many webpages in order to provide concise answers in different format. The exemple they illustrate is with great websites like Wikipedia or CrunchBase where you can find a lot a valuable information but if you had to have more complex questions or questions missing some key information it would be difficult to quickly end up with the correct result.

For exemple if you want to search the average age of Start-up Founders in between 2000-2010 you would have to go through hundreds of pages writing down the data in excel…a nightmare. Silk understands complex questions with more than one variable in order to be able to index a website like CrunchBase and provide you with tidy graphs and statistics that are ready to use in seconds.