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Shyahi is a new, delightful way to showcase your developer contributions and social activity. Its free, easy to set up and pulls in your stats directly from Dribbble, Github, Stackoverflow, Twitter and your blog feed which means that your Shyahi profile is always up to date. You can also add your skills and a more formal resume to your Shyahi profile.

We built Shyahi to make it easy to create a social homepage that includes a user's online activity across different social and developer networks. It aims at providing the most precise and relevant information to their audience so that the users can easily be discovered and gather more followers, views and connections.

Don't link to multiple social sites, link to Shyahi. You are what you share.

Why is it better than a LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn profiles are more formal. A Shyahi profile, on the other hand, is more focused towards your social interactions and developer contributions. This is something that you wouldn't list on your formal resume or on your LinkedIn profile. Companies, specially startups, want to hire people who are passionate about technology, self-driven and innovative and Shyahi profile is the perfect place to showcase that. What's even better is that it pulls information from the connected services so you don't have to worry about updating it every time you do something great.

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