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A platform where App Ideas meet developers and their future users.

Many individuals or companies with ideas for mobile applications (apps), do not have the resources (funds, knowledge, market access) to transform these ideas into real apps. SellanApp makes it possible for all these ideas to become reality. Using an innovative crowd-funding model, SellanApp connects the creative community with developers worldwide, whereby the community of future users fund the development

In short, with SellanApp everybody can transform their app ideas into a revenue generating app in the App Store.

The community pledges funds towards the development of a certain App Idea (crowd-funding). In return, the author of the App Idea (producer) offers pledgers a share in the App’s revenue or specific rewards like ‘in app presence’. During the funding period the amount pledged grows. Within this period any of the connected developers (all contract partners of SellanApp) can select an App Idea for development against the total amount pledged at that time, effectively creating an auction between the creative and the development communities worldwide, whereby future users of the apps participate actively. The crowd-funding is-all or nothing-, with pledgers only being charged if a developer actually selects the app for development. After several steps, the newly developed app will be submitted to the Apple App Store by SellanApp.

Revenue generated will then be forwarded by SellanApp to the producer and the pledgers (pro-rata their pledge).

We enable the producer to shape their idea and present it to the community and developers, by offering an advanced iPad App. Anybody can use it to easily create a playable mockup that can be uploaded simply and shared on our web platform.

Make your App Idea Happen with SellanApp!