Coffee Table App Publishing | Branded Instagram based look books | "Taschen" for Instagram

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“We’ve reinvented the coffee table book
by making it dynamic and serving you the best from Instagram.”

Qrtd [curated] is a look book publishing service for iPad. A curator can easily set up  and edit an Instagram-based content curation (in the Qrtd dashboard). This way Qrtd can publish a fully branded dynamic look books (with the curator's app name and icon). 

“Just Imagine you could ISOLATE, BRAND & PUBLISH your IG accounts and vision as a standalone LOOK BOOK!”

 It allows a curator to: 

  1. Offer a beter UX! A less hectic tabled based slow reading experience
  2. Offer better content with various curation tools!
  3. Break out! Really brand and extend the audience beyond Instagram

All Qrtd apps are FREE available on the iTunes App Store

Qrtd is a content marketing service aiming at creative professions and brands. It is seamless publishing because once a content curation is set up, the look book will become a book that writes itself! All the curator needs to do is focus on providing wonderful Instagram content! 

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