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Qnex technologies llp offers Electronic publishing services referred as includes digital publication of e-books, EPUBs, digital magazines

Digital Publishing :

Qnex technologies are the reliable digital publishing services in Chennai. We are experienced in this field for the past several years. Our work is based upon various information such as HTML, CSS, SVG, SMIL, MathML.

Qnex Tech team follows traditional digital publishing process has two ways that includes offset printing services in order to print the advanced final products and avoids the uneven distribution of physical product.

There are many benefits regarding the digital publishing services using three types of digital technology such as XML tags to define the content and its style sheet in order to define the metadata to prescribe the content delivery methods.

EBook Conversion :

Qnex Technologies LLP is gives best eBooks conversion services for the past several years. We create EBooks from hard form material such as images and photographs are also included in our eBooks conversion services.

Qnex team are efficient in converting eBooks from electronic formats such as HTML, FrameMaker, Quark, MSWord etc. for many international publishers and organizations. We also provide convert numerous electronic formats into eBooks.

Qnex technologies include affordable rate of eBooks conversion formats. We also do conversion into EBooks in numerous formats such as Ereader.com, Print-on-demand, ePub, Microsoft Reader and many more

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