Created by designers for designers, PROJEKTOR is a nifty tool to present your graphic projects to your clients and get fast and contextual feedback.

Krakow, Poland

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Our new app called PROJEKTOR is built for designers like ourselves so it enables you to: 

  • * present your graphic projects remotely to clients across the globe, 
  • * get fast and contextual feedback, 
  • * integrate with Dropbox and Basecamp, 
  • * display PSD files without having to convert them to another file format,
  • * discuss your ideas and clients' suggestions directly on mockups / illustrations,
  • * make your communication and cooperation seamless, 
  • * manage your entire design process within this one app. 

In a nutshell, this is made so you and your clients don't have to waste precious hours tracking emails with attachments and screenshots. We know how much time-consuming and even frustrating it might be. Let's focus on real work!