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Founded: Feb 2014

Berlin, Germany

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Podcast Publishing For Everyone 

Podigee is a Podcast Publishing Platform

It allows you to publish your podcast episodes easily by combining a streamlined interface made for podcast publishing and modern web-technology that requires no manual work to not only provide multiple audio formats in different qualities to your listeners, but also make your episodes accessible via high-speed download servers.

Publish your next episode in 3 easy steps:


 Step 1: Upload

Upload your audio master file to Podigee, for example from your Dropbox or directly from your device. 

 Step 2: Add metadata

In the meantime your can add metadata like a title, description, chapter marks to your episode. We'll support you doing this with an interface that makes sure everything is in place. 

 Step 3: Publish

Hit the Publish button and let us announce your episode to search engines and social media platforms automatically to inform you listeners about your latest production. 


Podcast-centric interface

For distraction-free, straightforward podcast publishing. Our interface helps you publish your podcast with all necessary information in a few minutes.

Unlimited traffic

Got a lot of listeners? Don't worry, we've got you covered with unmetered bandwith and download-servers close to your listeners.

Upload from the cloud

Don't like waiting for your upload to finish? Just upload the file in your Dropbox or Google Drive (and many others) and add it to your episode from there in seconds.

Statistics for everything

Want to know which episode is the most popular? Find out with our download-, feed-subscriber- and blog-visit-statistics.

Podcast Blog included

Podcast-optimized blog that provides all your listeners need: Web-Player with chapter-marks, Shownotes and various sharing possibilities.

Use your own domain name

You can bring your own domain (like or just use a podigee branded subdomain (like

Seamless Auphonic integration

Just upload your master file and let Auphonic take care of enhancing the audio quality, converting it to different formats and optimizing file sizes. No Auphonic account necessary.

SEO and social media

Automatically announce your new episodes to search engines and social media pages like Twitter, Facebook and