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Record your plan with friends

Linyi, China


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I am a 21 year old Chinese boy, 2nd year in University. Startup this 1 year ago.

Made this App (including Program, Design, Web development all by myself), just released few days ago.

If you want report this, please contact me. 


Have you ever wanted to learn some new skills?

Piano Drawing Cooking Writing Singing Dancing..

Have you ever wanted to achieve a new plan?

Lose weight Read books or Make a tiny movie…

But end with nothing?

Now Piner is the best app for you, to record how you make it.

With Text Pictures Sounds Videos

You can easily record whatever you are making.


Find friends on Piner

Don’t doing it alone, search the Plan on Piner, find people who has the same plan with you. Do it together.

Why is Piner?

Piner was made for this, it’s Simple, Clean and Pure.

On Piner you will not troubled by any thing you don’t care.

Plan manager

You can manage each of your plan with analysis, know how’s the plan going.


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