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Founded: Mar 2001

Ahmedabad, India

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Perception System boosted up the IT sector, when it made its sound appearance in the technology world. We initially started as software and web development company but, established ourselves in all the fields of Information Technology. We are equally concerned for solution of global Health and Pharmaceuticals, Government, Corporate sector and hence, we offer Enterprise CMS, E-Commerce Solution, Social Networking Portals, SAAS and Cloud Computing Services that fascinates the bulk crowd towards an individual's online portal, thereby enhancing its sales to the peak.

When it comes to mobile industry, we rule it by generating master and highly productive apps for Smartphones, including iPhone, iPAD, Android Tablet, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian. With the bunch of extremely advantageous services that we offer to our world wide clients (including USA, UK, Australia, India and Gulf countries), we are entitled as effectual, logical and remarkable "SOLUTION" for global "IT-PROBLEMS".