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Founded: Jan 2014

Pune, India



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NetaG is an innovative mobile application that bridges the gap between 'Public' and the 'Government' in a smart, simple and organized manner.

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Motivation behind NetaG
The 'Public' wants to share their issues to the local nearby 'Politicians' in a safe and timely manner, whereas those 'Politicians' need to act on it, resolve it and showcase their welfare activities to the 'Public'.
NetaG uses text, picture, location and notification services to make this possible in a quick, simple and organized manner.

If the user is standing near the problem location for e.g. near a pothole.
They can open the app, click  a picture of the pothole, write a description(optional) and hit send. The app will automatically grab location data and send it to all nearby politicians/social workers/aspiring politicians.

The politicians can then start working on that issue and mark the issue as resolved when they resolve it. To make it convenient for the issue owner the politician can attach a photo proof of the resolved situation.

The user in turn will be able to see who all are working on his/her issue, who has resolved it, view photo proofs and accept the resolution of the politician.

If you are not standing near the problem location, you can manually provide location by tapping on the map and optionally describe /submit a picture from gallery.

What makes NetaG awesome?
Its key features make it powerful, transparent and open.
1) Public profiles are kept anonymous, no personal data is ever revealed to anyone, this makes a NetaG a safer place to post issues without the trouble of being harassed by any politician.
2) Anyone can be setup their profile as politician. This helps social workers, ex-politicians and aspiring candidates to discover and resolve nearby issues. Resolving more and more issues can bring you into spotlight and make your profile look great.
3) Open Discussion - It is a discussion forum where the 'Issue Owner' and all the 'Politicians' working on the issue can openly discuss, ask questions or clarify doubts regarding the issue. This forum is visible to everyone, but only the issue owner and working politicians can discuss on it.