Web-based, digital publishing platform

Founded: Jul 2010

New York, United States

Publishing  Mobile 

Description: MAZ (mazdigital.com) is a web-based digital publishing platform that allows publishers of any content to create and manage their own tablet apps easily, affordably and without having to hire a developer.

What does MAZ do? MAZ gives publishers easy-to-use tools to make their existing content come to life by adding interactive features such as web content, videos, audio, social media sharing tools, etc., all on one dynamic platform. Best of all, they can do all this without having to learn a single line of code or dedicate enormous amounts of time and resources.

What problem does MAZ solve? With increasing pressure on publishers to offer a digital reading solution, many have turned to app development. While it’s great to have a beautiful app, unless you can sell it to advertisers and give them a platform for interaction and e-commerce, then the publisher will continue to struggle. The MAZ platform provides a solution to this problem, allowing publishers to easily merge dynamic, digital content and quality analytics, while updating content on a real-time basis.

Benefits for Marketers and Advertisers: • Sponsored Editorial • E-Commerce Opportunities • Up-To-Date Offers • Analytics and reporting Benefits for Publishers • One-Minute Issue Downloads • Unlimited Links and Multimedia • Pixel Perfect Retina Layouts • Publish Previews

Who is it for? MAZ works with book publishers, magazine publishers, catalogues, and professional service clients. More than 1,000 publishers, including top name titles like Inc. Magazine and European publishing giant Hubert Burda Media have used MAZ to create and enhance their digital content.

Where are MAZ app available? Once published, apps are available on the iOS App Store, iTunes, and if publishers opt in, Newsstand. While MAZ launched on the iPad in 2010 the platform will soon be available on Android devices.