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API and developer services

Founded: May 2006

San Francisco, United States

SaaS  Analytics  Software 

Mashery’s API management tools and strategic services help companies connect with customers and partners in a changing digital world by extending reach across devices, markets and the Web. Mashery leads the industry with a holistic approach for API initiatives – from setting platform strategy and measuring business objectives to the heavy lifting of providing and managing infrastructure to facilitating relationships with our 150,000 strong network of Web and mobile application developers. Having worked with over 100 leading brands to power more than 40,000 apps, Mashery’s knowledge, experience and proven strategies enable companies to focus on their core business while driving sales, building new revenue channels and realizing faster time-to-market for innovative applications.

Mashery was founded in 2006 and has built an impressive list of over 150 clients that include Best Buy, Netflix, ESPN, Rdio, D&B, Expedia, Klout, USA TODAY and The New York Times.