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Founded: Jan 2011

New York, United States

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Imagine you are in a room with hundreds of thousands of people all shouting at you what they stocks they are buying and selling at the same time.  It’s impossible for you to listen to everyone at once and easily organize everyone’s opinions about the stocks you care about.  And how do you know who to listen to in the crowd?  Who has the best track record based on their “stock calls”.  How do you find the mavens to with the highest quality of information?  How do you know whom to trust?  How do you reduce the noise? 

Market Prophit solves these problems by quantitatively ranking financial bloggers in the social media-sphere based on the track record of the performance of their stock market commentary.  Market Prophit is the first service ever to provide rankings of financial bloggers in social media and generate unique, real-time sentiment signals (bullish/bearish) based on identifying the mavens or “Market Prophits” in the “Crowd”.  

As the volume of chatter in social media about stocks keeps growing, the need for a filter that separates noise from valuable insights has become increasingly urgent for the investment community.  Market Prophit’s solution solves this problem, helping investors determine which financial market bloggers are credible, and providing a filter for investors and traders which allows them to more easily search and discover the key market influencers while helping them tune out the noise.