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Turn any moment into movie magic

Founded: Sep 2011

New York, United States

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Magisto is a fun and easy way to share your experiences through video. Magisto’s Web, iPhone and Android apps enable users to automatically edit videos and share them with friends and family.

Using Magisto requires no previous experience of knowledge of video editing - users simply record and upload videos, select a theme, background music and give their movie a title, and Magisto will turn the videos into beautiful edited movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes.

Magisto is the brand name of SightEra Technologies LTD. SightEra was founded in 2009 by award-winning Computer-Vision experts Dr. Oren Boiman and Dr. Alex Rav-Acha out of the clear need to revolutionize the way people browse, search and share visual information by cutting-edge computer-vision technologies and products. SightEra is hosting a unique blend of crazy mathematicians, consumer product experts, Ninja web developers and video creative champions.