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Founded: Dec 2009

San Francisco , United States

Social Media 

Livefyre brings the social web experience to any publisher or brand site to drive real-time conversations and community engagement. Livefyre’s suite of real-time products drastically increases time spent on publisher content, participation, and return visits.

Livefyre products include its free community platform which replaces outdated commenting sections with real-time social conversations, and its enterprise solution StreamHub. Livefyre’s StreamHub allows site owners and editors to easily curate the entire social web and incorporate it into their site alongside their own original content.

The company also provides the most powerful Live Blog and Live Chat applications on the web to make both curated and original content interactive in real-time.

Livefyre customers include leading media companies such as The New York Times, News International, AOL Tech, FOX Entertainment, and NBC Universal.

Founded in 2009, Livefyre is based in San Francisco, California.