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Founded: Mar 2010

New Delhi, India



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Letsintern.com is bringing the three Talent Stakeholders in India - students, colleges and companies on a single platform driving interaction and meaningful value creation.

Letsintern.com is India's organized & dedicated Internship marketplace for college students and companies to connect.

Letsintern in numbers:

Growing network of 1,50,000+ students from colleges across India
Over 3500 companies 
Successfully facilitated 14,000+ internships

When you START YOUNG you stay ahead.

We are a bunch of 20 somethings from some of the best colleges in the country with a simple vision:

"Every college student should graduate with a college degree and some professional experience"

We are heralding the entire generation to a philosophy which screams Start Young! Letsintern is that platform where all forms of student opportunities (Internships, Virtual Internships, Brand Ambassador, Volunteer Opportunities, Tasks and Select full time jobs) are facilitated through meaningful connections with organizations. Letsintern is a gateway for today's youth to his/her future while he/she still holds the book in one hand.

We believe education and employability issues cannot be solved in four walls, they require interaction between talent and industry, between people and their passion, between students and opportunities. We make that possible.

So if you are a student looking for opportunity or an organization looking for campus engagement or hiring young talent, we are here to serve you. 

What started in a make-shift office out of our bedroom in 2010 is turning into a movement. YOU are making it happen.