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Founded: Jul 2011


just.me is easy, fast and simple. it is a free mobile messaging platform that successfully brings the functionality of the camera app, video capture, voice messages, texting, email and other messaging apps all into one powerful application.

The user can save memories for themselves; share with family, friends or colleagues; or publish for the world to see; all with a single app. Memories, Messages or Posts can have unlimited photos, videos, voice and text. Recording life events and deciding who to share them with is here, and its free.

Because just.me sits on the smartphone address book, it puts the user in control as to who sees each shared message. There is no ambiguity as to who will see what you share.

At just.me it is all about you as you are in control of your information and messages.

The app is in beta for iPhone and under development for Android. There is also a web version with reduced publishing features.