Greatest Gifting App Yet

Founded: Sep 2011

Columbus, United States

E-Commerce  Retail  eCommerce has taken a unique approach to the online-offline tension by giving users the ability to capture tangible products in real stores and turn them into digitally transmittable gift cards. Once received, a user may use the digital gift card to redeem the item in-store and select the appropriate size, color and style. By packaging a tangible gift into the digital gift card, the Gift-Giver expresses the meaningfulness and thoughtfulness associated with traditional gift-giving while supplying the recipient (“Gitfee” in Jifiti jargon) with the immediacy and flexibility of a gift card. Jifiti has boarded a substantial number of popular national brands including The Gap, Brookstone, Gamestop, Hot Topic, Banana Republic, Sephora, Old Navy, Nike and more. Jifiti has also created partnerships with some of the largest gift card issuers and distributors to allow for automated gift card issuance and delivery.

Jifiti is the brainchild of founders Yaacov Martin, Meir Dudai and Shaul Weisband. Yaacov is a serial entrepreneur whose most recent venture bridged retail online and bricks-and-mortar operations. He oversees day-to-day management of the company and all business development activity. Meir is the leading database expert in Israel and oversees Jifiti’s technology development. Meir is a Microsoft MVP and in 2005 founded Valinor Ltd., which has since become the leading database solutions provider in Israel. Shaul oversees Jifiti’s marketing, brand and social media development. Over the years, he has consulted and worked with numerous global organizations.

Jifiti is registered as a Delaware Company with a subsidiary in Israel that serves as the company’s R&D center. The Company’s US office is located in Columbus OH and is a member of the Tech Columbus incubator.