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Founded: Jan 2008

Beijing, China


InitialView’s innovative video interview services help top U.S. colleges screen their applicants from China.

Surging numbers of Chinese applicants to U.S. colleges have left admission offices searching for better ways to separate the “great” from the “merely good“ (and from the “too good to be true”). We solve this by conducting unscripted and interactive interviews of applicants, and then provide admission officers with a link to the videotaped interviews in an easy-to-process format.

Since our announcement in August that Dr. Jerry Lucido of USC is joining InitialView as a senior advisor, we have made significant progress engaging with prominent colleges and boarding schools. We now have three top schools who will be recommending our interviews to their applicants this year: Georgia Tech, UMass Amherst, and NC State, all of which handled hundreds of applications from China last year. A selection of boarding schools will also be using our interviews in evaluating China-based applicants.